So, unless you are Dummy McDumberson you have noticed that I am promoting an hour special on my fancy new non fancy website.  This is a big deal!  My first hour special!  And maybe my last, who the fuck knows what's in store for us in this crazy world.  Maybe I'll get hit by a bus tomorrow.  Or worse yet, sell out and get a real job.  You never knows.  Either way, check out the special.  I got my first and so far only standing ovation.  And my dad was there.  So if you don't believe me that I was funny, just ask him and he'll tell you how funny I was.  Or just watch the special and make your own opinion.  And if it's that I wasn't funny, keep that opinion to yourself. Either way, tell your friends and enemies to watch it.  And sign up for SEESO, it's cheap and lotta great comics on there besides just lil ole me.